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Compressed Air Filtration

Filters Our compressed air filter range includes: Cyclonic separators to remove bulk liquid water; Particulate, coalescing and activated carbon elements fitted to filter housings from ½” BSP to 150DN flanged; High pressure filters (40 to 400 Bar); Stainless steel process filters; Medical vacuum filters; Vacuum pump protection filters.

Filters are used to remove pollutants vapour and contaminants before after and during the air compression process. A filters ability to perform is directly related to but not limited to its age, make, form, and the type of compressor being used. We have a large range of product filters, for a variety of purposes. No need to stress, as we will help you find the exact filter you require.

Drains JORC autodrains can be fitted to air receivers, cyclonic separators, filters and air dryers, and include: Timer controlled condensate drains; Motorised ball valve condensate drains; Multi-point timer controlled condensate drains; Intelligent (zero air loss) condensate drains.

Condensate Separators Condensate separators split oil from the condensate water discharged by autodrains fitted to air receivers, cyclonic separators, filters and air dryers. The oil is absorbed by a polypropylene cartridge, which can be discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. The water can be discharged directly into the Municipal drain.

These are designed to remove the main contamination of water & other liquids from compressed air. By removing pollutants in the air & water the output of air is much cleaner and ensures a greater product lifespan. These filters are used both before and after air compression. A filters efficiency is governed by a number of factors including but not limited to its age, make, form, and of course the type of compressor being used.

Elements Filter elements are manufactured by OMEGA-AIR, and various media’s and micron ratings are available. All elements are pleated, except activated carbon, which is wrapped.

SEPREMIUM Compressed air condensate separation
SEPREMIUM 2 Compressed air condensate separation
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