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Today’s engines are built to more stringent specifications and finer tolerances. Fuel systems, pumps and injectors require cleaner fuel to achieve better combustion and lower emissions. That’s why the latest advances in filter media can make the difference between engine power and engine problems.

Fuel Filters Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel that prevents pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency. Donaldson has a complete line of spin-on, and cartridge-style filters.

Primary Fuel Filters This large capacity filter is positioned on the suction side of the pump. It removes water from the system before it gets to the pump.

Secondary Fuel Filters Designed to endure higher pressures than the primary filter, a secondary filter is applied on the pressure side of the pump. It provides high efficiency particulate filtration and is required to remove emulsified water in some systems.

Fuel Filter/Water Separators Donaldson’s durable fuel filter/water separators trap contaminants carried in the fuel and strip away water that can damage your engine.

Donaldson Twist&Drain™ Donaldson Twist&Drain valve turns the messy and complicated task of draining water from the fuel filter into the easy process it should be.

Synteq for Fuel Filtration Donaldson’s newest filter media technology is our Synteq fuel media technology. This multiple-layered media technology is designed specifically to remove water and contaminant from the fuel stream.

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